Mar 07 2015

Urgent Vietnam visa – Working off hours of weekend

Normally, visa is the first compulsory document that you have to handle before departure (both visa at the embassy and visa on arrival). However, due to some urgent reasons (see below), some people cannot apply the visa in time and may be refused to get on board.
– Urgent family issues in Viet Nam
– Misinformation on Vietnam visa exemption list
– Flight changes for urgent meeting
– Wrong personal information in the visa approval letter which has not been discovered until check in at the airport

The worst case is you face this trouble in night time of Viet Nam or during weekend. So what can you do? I already experienced this problem in the first time I came to Viet Nam in Mar 2015 since I had wrongly thought that I did not need Vietnam visa; however, I was very lucky when I found out a website which helped me survive.

I was told that, in the past, the unique solution is to postpone the flight and wait until I get the visa next working days. This problem can destroy your entire plan in Viet Nam and lead to huge financial and mental loss.

At the moment, there are 2 other options for anyone who meets this trouble.
– The first one: Guarantee service

It depends on how strong relationship of the visa service company in Viet Nam with the airlines. For examples, the company I contacted – Eviva Tour who is the owner of, has very close relationship with Viet Nam airlines and Thai Airways airlines. Therefore, the company can guarantee for me and I could get on board (VN 531) without visa checking from Shanghai. Then, upon Noi Bai airport (Viet Nam), there was a man who supported me to get the visa smoothly. Thanks all these guys again.
– The second solution: Rush visa during working off hours/weekend

I was advised that this service is different from rush visa during working hours which many visa websites are offering. Just some senior visa company can support this service but normally, it is not public on the website. You are asked to contact them for this service.

For your reference, my consult visa website can provide this service. You can contact them via hotline: +84 9 3600 9908 or email mailto: for your detail case.

A notice for you on the fee for these above 2 services: since it is done in working off hours/weekend or national holidays, the fee is much more expensive than normal processing visa. You can trade off between the fee and the flight charges for cancellation or flight change and make the decision.

Hope my information is helpful for you when you are in need.

by Mario Bastian (GERMANY)

Feb 24 2015

How to select a reliable website to apply Vietnam visa?

When you are considering to apply a Vietnam visa on arrival, you can search on the internet and the result is dozens to hundreds websites for your choice. So a question is: How can you select a reliable website to get Viet Nam visa smoothly? Based on my experience, I can list out some criteria you can base on to make your decision right.

Who needs Visa to Vietnam


When you visit a visa website, make sure that it is an alive website with informative and updated information of Viet Nam immigration regulations. You can get the information and knowledge on the visa and for your case if any. It is the clear proof of a professional visa sales team as well.


You can search a visa website on the internet or on the travel forums and see the feedbacks, testimonial of existing customers. If the majority satisfies and appreciates the service of the website, there is no reason you do not choose it. If you have friends/colleagues or family members who got the visa online before, ask them about the website. Another way, you can find the testimonial part on each visa websites and read how the customers evaluate the visa service.


It seems the important criteria that all of you care, right? Although the stamp fee paid to Viet Nam government at the airport is fixed, the visa service fee is different among many websites. For example, with 1 month single entry, you might have to pay $10 at; with the fee is $19; charges only $13.


Do not just care about the price and forget how the sales person take care of you. It is shown by how promptly they reply your concern, how they are willing to support you when your information in the visa is wrong, etc. Try to image, when you are very urgent and want to contact them to find out the solution but cannot reach them. How can you do now? A small tip for you: ask them before you apply and see how they reply you. I used this tip before I became a loyal customer of my favorite visa website

Above are some of my advice for who are swimming in the pool and do not know how to select a website to apply your Vietnam visa. Hope it helps and you are happy with what you get.

Feb 24 2015

Mistakes when applying Vietnam visa on arrival

Despite the advantages of Vietnam visa on arrival, not all people love it and some people might unluckily swim in trouble pool with this type of visa. This writing written by a staff in Eviva Tour Vietnam suggests some mistakes which might lead to some problems with this visa service.


The visa on arrival is well-known with rush service by which the applicant can get the visa result within few working hours. However, many people miss these important words “working hours”. It means that the applicant has to care about time zone, working hours, working days and national days off in Vietnam. If you apply in night time, weekend or national days, the application will be processed in the next working shift. In case your flight cannot wait until the next working days, you might have to pay large extra money for special service to get visa during working off days or in the worst case, you will lose the flight.


When you apply the Vietnam visa online, you are not required to send off your passport, just need to fill in some of your passport information which the visa letter will be issued basing on. Please remember that, once the visa letter is issued, no information can be changed and you have to apply a new booking to amend any incorrect information. See below some typical errors that many people have made:
– Full name: It has to be identical with your passport and be typed with English alphabet. Only one letter missing or wrong typing can make the visa invalid. The order between last name and first name is not important.
– Passport number: It has to be identical as in your passport. Normally, it appears on the top of the right of the passport picture page.
– Arrival date: If you want to get the visa before book the flight, you should choose the earliest date that you can enter Viet Nam. The reason is that, you can enter Viet Nam on or after the effective date of the visa but not sooner. Someone might misunderstand this issue.
– Type of visa: Consider your plan and decide the most suitable type of visa (single or multiple entries visa) which can save your money.


The visa on arrival has 2 different fees: First is services fee paid online to the website you apply for visa letter and Stamping fee paid in cash upon your arrival airport to Government to get the visa stamp. In some cases, travelers misunderstand that they need to pay online only then they do not prepare cash to pay the second fee; or they think that credit cards are acceptable. Therefore, at the landing time, they face with the unexpected problem and feel unlike this inconvenience.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages and so does the visa on arrival; however, if the applicants acknowledge some above issues and prepare well, the visa on arrival will surely bring a lot of clear benefits.

Oct 25 2014

Vietnam landing visa online service at international airports for foreigners


It is simple and advantageous to make online Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) for tourist. You take after beneath directions:

1. Get started by fill out the secure online form: Fill in the application form with the correct details of your name, passport number and arrival date, as well as and designate a payment method. We accept most major credit cards and debit cards, as well as Paypal.

2. Receive the approval letter
After you submit your application and complete your payment, we will start processing your visa. After 2 working days (standard processing) or 1 working day (urgent processing), we will send you an approval letter (pre-approved visa letter) by email.

3. Get your stamped
Show documents (approval letter, 2 passport-sized photos (4x6cm), passport, “Entry and Exit Form” and stamping fee (USD in cash)) to the Immigration officer when you arrive at the Viet Nam international airports to get your visa stamped.

Note: For foreigners who hold African passport holders (Except South Africa) and Middle East countries such as Indian, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Quatar… there are following conditions to make Viet Nam visa:

1. There must be a company in Viet Nam guarantee (The company will guide the procedure to make guarantee documents for clients)
2. The time to process your visa is within 3 – 10 working days(except Saturday and Sunday)
3. There must be travelling and working schedule in Viet Nam (The company will guide)
4. Flight tickets and hotel reservation

Oct 23 2014

Government consents to proceed with visa waiver for seven real markets

The Government authoritatively concurred with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s proposal of proceeding with visa waivers for single-entrance visas from seven significant tourism markets, said Head of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Nguyen Van Tuan.

gouvernement ietnam visa

In late time, data identified with visa exception plan for nationals of Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Republic of Korea and Japan stressed travel offices. The Vietnam Tourism Association suggested that the Government proceed with visa waivers for guests from the real markets, particularly in the current troublesome financial situation, expecting that a visa necessity will undercut Vietnam tourism advantage.

Right now, nations in Southeast Asia is applying clear visa plan for outside visitors. For instance, Thailand permits free section of individuals from 55 nations, and nationals of around 150 nations and regions needn’t bother with visas when they visit Singapore and Malaysia.

Jun 17 2014

Vietnam Visa required for Tunisian Citizen


Hi ,

I’m a Tunisian Citizen, and want with friends of mine, to go and visit Vietnam next july for a month

We don’t have a Vietnamese Embassy in Tunisia, please can you tell me the process to get a visa for us –

is it possible for us to get visa on arrival

Please help me and answer me as quick as possible

Thank you

Choukri Tlati

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Jun 14 2014

Asking About Visa for Indonesian ?


Dear Customer Care of Vietnam Visa,
My name is Nico Wiranata from Indonesia. I plan to go to Vietnam on 1st August to 15th Sept for exchange student program. I will stay there around 46 days. As we know that Indonesian get 30 days free visa in Vietnam. But, I will stay there more then 30 days.
So, is I need to pay visa for staying in more than 30 days? What kind of visa that I have to choose depending on my stay length 46 days? ( visa for 1 month or 3 months)
And, how is the process of issuing the visa? Procedure?
Thank you very much for the cooperation. Hoping for positive reply.

Nico Wiranata

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Apr 07 2014

Some tourist visa questions


Hi, I\’m a Canadian going to come visit Vietnam next year, and I understand the initial tourist visa is for three months and I can then renew it at the Department of Immigration in HCM City for another three months. What is the maximum number of times I can renew it? Can I renew it three more times to stay in the country for a year without leaving the country? And, another question is do you guys send me my approval letter by email?

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Myo

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Mar 14 2014

Visa for pakistanis ?

Hi there, I am a Pakistani citizen living in Canada (Canadian permanent resident). Can I get a E-Visa from your site? Thank you.

haris saeed

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Feb 28 2014

Vietnam Business visa for Nigeria


I live in Republic of Macedonia, I work as a Business Sourcing Officer for the company and there is no Vietnam Embassy here in Macedonia.

Can your company make visa on Arrival for us to visit Vietnam on Business purpose?

Waiting your reply.

Dear Young,

Thank you for your email. We would like to inform you that, as a Nigeria passport holder, in order to apply for a business visa to Vietnam, you are required to provide us the following documents:

1. Kindly send us your passport scan with photo page

2. Kindly send us your e-ticket of round trip to and out of Vietnam

3. Then kindly send us the following documents to guarantee for your stay in Viet Nam

– Guaranteed letter issued by the company in Vietnam
– Stamp and Signature Official Documentation
– Notarized Business Registration of the company in Vietnam
– Notarized Stamp Registration of the company in Vietnam
– Detailed working programme during your stay in Vietnam

Processing fee: USD100.00/one month single entry visa
Processing time: 7 – 10 working days

Best regards,

Support Vietnam visa